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Standard terms and conditions

We seek to provide both attractive terms and conditions and an equitable negotiation process to parties interested in utilising Gryphon infrastructure. Individual terms and conditions may vary according to the needs of tie-in parties.

Third parties will be required to execute a standard system tie-in agreement and an individual commercial agreement.


TARIFF and cost share arrangements

Operating expenditure (OPEX) is charged based on a pro-rata throughput share of the plant total system cost. This varies over time as a function of total throughput.

In addition, a tariff may be applied to reflect an appropriate risk-reward balance for the services to be provided. This will be dependent upon the level of service, hydrocarbon quality, opportunity costs and modification requirements amongst others.


Bookings & send or pay

These conditions are negotiated with incoming parties on an individual basis dependent on the level of service required.



The costs associated with the design, procurement and execution of the tie-in shall be the responsibility of the third party. An appropriate liability and indemnity regime will also be required during the construction and tie-in phase.

Where equipment is installed on the Gryphon FPSO which is exclusive to a particular user field, then OPEX for such equipment will be at the sole cost of that user field. TotalEnergies E&P North Sea UK Limited, as operator of the Gryphon FPSO, would normally perform engineering and modifications work for such equipment on behalf of third parties. Ownership of such  additional equipment on the FPSO  would be transferred to TEPNSUK on completion of the works.



During planned shutdown and modification periods the FPSO may require withdrawal of partial or full services. TEPNSUK shall make every effort to reduce such periods and to liaise with downstream parties and field operators to co-ordinate timing of any shutdowns.