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Alwyn / Dunbar

TotalEnergies E&P UK Limited owns 100% equity of their Northern North Sea hub centred on the Alwyn Area which consists of the Alwyn North platforms (NAA and NAB linked by a bridge), the Dunbar platform and a series of subsea fields tied back to these installations.


The main processing facilities for the integrated production complex are located on the Alwyn NAB platform. There are only limited processing facilities on the Dunbar Platform, which include a production separator and multiphase pumps. Dunbar production is transferred to Alwyn NAB for processing.


Under the current expectations of long-term oil and gas prices and indications given by investors, the infrastructure is expected to be operational until the late 2020s.

Provisions for Third Party Access

Alwyn North may facilitate some 3rd party production. The Dunbar simplified process including the multiphase export line to Alwyn North is expected to remain at its capacity for the next 10 years. Therefore, utilisation of the existing infrastructure by Northern North Sea fields limits the provision for third party access due to capacity, weight and space constraints.