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Technical specifications

The Greater Laggan Area fields are located approximately 125km North West of the Shetland Islands at its furthest and in 600m of water at its deepest.


Field infrastructure consists of four subsea templates, one for each field, and associated subsea structures that are controlled via an umbilical to the Shetland Gas Plant, (SGP), located on Shetland.


Two main 18” flowlines transport gas condensate from the fields to the SGP, where the produced gas is treated and prepared for export into the SIRGE export line and onwards into the FUKA/St Fergus system. Condensate is separated and delivered from SGP to the Sullom Voe Terminal for processing and export.


Tie in locations to the system are present at the subsea templates, at various points on the 18” import flowlines, and at the SGP itself.


The SGP has facilities for liquids separation, power generation and gas compression.


In order for the SGP to process third party fluids, an acceptable specification would have to be developed following a detailed analysis of fluid composition in relation to processing capabilities.


Inlet hydrocarbon quality ranges will be considered on a case by case basis, in order that SGP’s processing capabilities can be assessed with regard to redelivery of gas and liquids.