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Ullage profiles

The ullage in the various components of the Elgin/Franklin transportation and processing system is given in the following sections.  The ullage is based on the Operator’s best estimates at the time of publishing.  Ullages for the SEAL terminal, Forties System and GAEL pipeline are provided by the respective system operators.


The traffic light system is used to communicate ullage as follows:


Ullage as % of system capacity
5% to 25%


Elgin PUQ

The ullage profile for the different components of the Elgin PUQ is as follows:


  Capacity 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030

Oil export

175,000 bbl/d
Gas Compression 15.5 Msm3/d
Gas Export 15.5 Msm3/d
Gas Lift Nil *
Produced Water Handling 4,000 m3/d *
Dehydration 15.5 Msm3/d
H2S Removal 15.5 Msm3/d
Water Injection Nil *
Power Generation MW 31MW


*Future modifications may increase capacity/ullage.

other infrastructure

The estimate of ullage for other infrastructure used by the Elgin/Franklin complex is maintained by the system operators for those systems as follows: